And you’re the perfect thing to say~

Words can have different meaning for different people. 🙄 The usage and the intent with which the word is spoken or written can change its meaning. 😕

For example, sometimes yes can mean no and sometimes no can mean yes. Language is not as simple as it seems. 😐

It’s like the word ‘manga’. In Brunei, it means mangoes. In Japan, it means comics. Confusing ain’t it? 😛


Comic fruits? :mrgreen:


Waking Up

For all of the times we’ve stopped..

Have you ever been stung by a bee? 🙄

Yes? No? Maybe?

Well, fact of the matter is I don’t care. Even if you’ve been stung by a rhino, I don’t care. 😯  What I’m really interested in is the answer to this question- when bees (or any animal) sting, do they apologize? 😕

I guess the answer would be “No”. Bees can’t and don’t talk. Haha.. 😆

What’s my point?

It’s 2010 and my last post was when? A long, long *sad* time ago. 😦 Normally, I’d re-begin with an apology. Sorry I haven’t blogging bla bla no time bla busy busy bla bla bla.. Well, not this time. 😐 This time, it is you that must apologise to me. Yes, you- the reader. 😉

Statistics have shown that during my absentia, the temperature of the Earth increased. 😡

See? How could you let this atrocity happen? 😥

When I don’t blog, shit happens. 😮

For all of the things I’m not..


Not a doubt in my mind anymore..

Four months in absentia and oh my, how things have changed. The world is no longer the same. I feel old. 😕

By ‘the world’, I mean the blogosphere. My way of blogging is old-school now. 😦 They have these things called tumblr and twitter now. A post is a few short words, barely a sentence. Snazziest of all, one can “follow” another person. Crazy right? 😯

I have complete sentences and even paragraphs. Will anyone read this blog ever again? Hmmm.. Perhaps I shall find something that will sum up all of this into 140-characters. 🙄

I wonder if my blabbering will make sense in 140-characters. 😆

This sucks. Man, I feel old. 😐

There’s a storm up ahead~

Pro Tempore

I’ve been keeping..

Guess what? 😐

It’s been.. Hmmmm.. *counting.. counting..* Ahhh!! *Gives up counting and googles ‘calculate no. of days’* 117 days since this blog was last updated.

Yes, that’s right- 117 days! 😯

By my standards, that’s a new world record! Hahaha.. 😆 Seriously! I’ve been MIA for almost 4 months. That’s unbelievable! 😛

My oh my, how time flies. 😮 hopes unbroken~

At Long Last

I was in a lecture the other day and all that I could think of was “15 more minutes.. 13 more minutes.. 10 more minutes..”. 🙄 I was consciously counting down the time while desperately trying to look interested in what was going on. It was maths. 😦

Lecturer: This is the last slide.

Me: *Speaking to self* Wowowewa!!! 🙂

5 slides later..

Me: *Speaking to self* This is one hell of a “last” slide.

A few more “last” slides later..

Lecturer: We’ll cover the rest next class.

Majority of class (Me included): Last?!! 😡

Now, for a lesson in English vocabulary. Last- ladies and gentlemen, is defined as the point in time at which something ends. Ends! 😐

My point- this just goes to show how some lecturers just don’t understand English. Hahaha.. 😆

So move along~



People say it’s okay to breakdown. 😕 You know, do things that one does not normally do. I guess what they mean by ‘breakdown’ is to cry. Cry? What’s that? Well, it is the secretion of water by certain ducts located in the eyes. Normally, crying is caused by irritants in the eye or when one experiences an emotionally moving event. 🙄

Okay, enough rambling. Hello guys. How have you been? Hehe.. 😛

Hmm.. Judging from the looks of it, I’ve not been updating this blog for quite some time. Hahaha.. 😆 Okay, okay. Yes, I admit it. I’ve not posted anything in ages. Nothing. Simply nothing for days and days and days. Weeks of silence. Months of inactivity. 😦 Some of you must be wondering- “What the hell happened?” or “Where did it all went?”. 😐

Simply put, I had a breakdown. 😯 The crazy urge to type away and write those fantastically nonsensical stories disappeared. Not totally but just enough. Plus not mentioning, my marvelously awesome timetable of non-stop activities. Ladies and gentlemen, it was over kill. 😎

Until next time, I shall be back. 😉

Here we go again~


It is an indescribable craziness. 😐 A craziness that cannot be put into words. Nor can it be captured by pictures. However, all of us has experienced it- again and again. It is a seasonal craziness that comes around ever so often. Try as we might, it is an unavoidable craziness. It haunts us and shapes our lives. 😕

Obviously, I’m mumbling and you haven’t the slightest clue as to what ‘indescribable craziness’ I’m talking about. Love? Hahaha.. Heaven’s no. 😛 The ‘indescribable craziness’ that I’m referring to here is the examinations. 😯

Huh? Exams? Arghh!! Nooooo… Neverrrr… Not again!! Arghhh!! Noooo… Arghhh!! *slaps face*

Well, yes. 🙄 Exams cause lots and lots of indescribable craziness. Examples include killing rampages, eating disorders, property damage and sleeping disorders. Not to mention speeding tickets. 😦

Statistical analysis of the Earth’s entire population shows that almost everyone loathes the exams. Almost because, rather sadly, geeks and nerds do exist. 😆

Personally, I’m 50-50. 😮 Sometimes I like it and sometimes I don’t. But most of the time I’m just too confused. I’m like “Why oh why did I take this subject?” or “Which chapter/lecture is this frommmm??!!” or “Numbers.. S**TT!!” or worse “…..”. 😥

I guess the combination of the 5 ‘C’s is really deadly.

  1. the Cold, cold hall
  2. the Cold unforgiving paper
  3. the Cold silence
  4. the Cold blank stares
  5. the Cold paralyzing emptiness in my head

The only warmth (according to my friends and countless other souls) is the hand-dryer in the toilet. Accursed exams! 😡

Yet, even in that coldest of colds all is not lost. 🙂 At least during this semesters’ exam I managed to catch up on some TV. Analog clocks rule! Best show ever, two thumbs up. :mrgreen:

It’s gonna be alright~